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We offer and work with well-established brands and partners, allowing us to offer cost-effective, quality solutions to the industry.

The range is suitable for new start-ups or smaller businesses where plant capital costs need to be kept down, as it offers competitive pricing and short delivery times.
We are the sole UK distributor for Boyer.
A trusted name in tank manways and access hatches, the technicians are qualified in manufacturing and checking vacuum and pressure equipment.
With more than 60 years’ experience and a long-standing relationship with Laveggi, it allows us to offer manways from a leader in its sector.
We stock Evoguards series of valves which includes hygienic double and single seat valves. As well as, the butterfly and

extensive spares to support the whole range including aseptic. Every successful production line relies on strong and reliable

components for speed and efficiency. The valves are used in breweries, distilling and the beverage industries.

In these industries, hygiene is paramount & with the consistent development of the Evoguard series you get the full package: hygiene, seal quality, and service life.

Evoguard hygienic valves series comprises a components kit that contributes to high performance at every point in the production line.

The maintenance-friendly design features readily accessible sealing points, making removal of the seals and replacement is straightforward and subsequently, manufacturing downtime is kept to a minimum.


We are able to offer customised solutions, adapted to our customers’ requirements & constraints. In such various areas as sample taking, tanks & process lines safety.

For Servinox security and safety of materials and persons is very important. We are able to offer an extensive range of equipment recognised for its efficiency, ease of use and reliability.

Depending on the model, the equipment can be installed on the process line or on the tank, to provide protection against excess pressure and/or vacuums, collect the blow-offs and/or provide protection against thermal shocks.


A significant new addition to the ever increasing range is the hygienic mixers from PMS

(the sister company of one of HpE’s longest standing suppliers). As many customers report serious issues with their current suppliers,

PMS ensures their products bring a whole host of advantages to clients.

Customers have praised PMS for their tank mixer which works without a bottom bearing/support (for increased hygiene), their mixer is designed with a unique shaft that minimises shaft deflection to less than 2.5mm – not easy in a system where the product density and viscosity will vary considerably during the mixing process. The mixers even use a bearings and seal solution that ensures leakage of oil or grease from the drive train cannot enter the vessel, allowing operators and plant managers to see the problem before any contamination occurs.