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Solid Liquid Emulsifier

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  • Dual Cartridge Mechanical seal
  • High degree of hygiene
  • Quick dismantling with CLAMP connections
  • Manual butterfly valve
  • External protection against environmental oxidation
  • Assembled over a transportable table
  • Mechanical seal cooling system through thermosiphon vessel
  • Control Panel
  • Level of finish: matte exterior (sandblasted) / inner polish (chemical polished + brushed)

Solid -liquid emulsifiers EMTE with its rotor stator system optimised design altogether with its suction system, give homogenous mixtures of liquids with powders and granulated products. the simplicity of the parts and the connections ensure highly hygienic operation conditions.

The operating principle of this system is found in the suction generated by the quick circulation of the fluid through the feeder thank to the ventury effect, making powder suction easier. The mix enters the central part of the impeller and once inside, is dispersed through the diffuser orifices, where it is crushed and dispersed to obtain a completely homogeneous product. This way, the dissolution procedure is optimised achieving homogenous product with or without product recirculation.

Once it has been completely homogenised by rotor-stator system, the reverse turbine impeller provides the impulsion pressure necessary to pump the product towards the next unit, and also generates the suction necessary during operation.

The solid incorporation system prevents product moistening, thickening and solidification, thus avoiding any operation problems resulting from the appearance of agglomerations in the load.

Their performance makes them ideal for working with food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Some examples of operations where EMTE mixers are used are as follows:

  • Dissolving of sugar in food (wine, syrup, condensed milk, ice cream etc)
  • Preparation / reconstitution of powdered milk
  • Brine preparation
  • Syrup production
  • Dissolving of bentonites, tannins, thickeners, active carbon etc
  • Incorporation of additives, colourants, flavourers, agrochemical products, lime etc

Door Thickness (mm):
Lid Thickness (mm):
Frame Thickness:
Frame Height:
Maximum Working Pressure (Bar):
Weight (Kg):
No Of Clamps:
CODAP 2000:
Vacuum Pressure (bar):

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