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Vertical Agitator: Tandem

Code: Vertical Agitator: Tandem

The Tandem model allows different sealing systems to be installed in accordance with the application.

  • Low-pressure sealing systems with lip seal or stuffing box
  • High pressure or vacuum sealing systems with mechanical seal: single, dry turn or dual cartridge


  • Specific sealing system in accordance with the application:
  • Single mechanical seal, dry turn or dual cartridge
  • Level of finish: industrial / foodstuff / Sanitary
  • Anchor flange: square / DIN 2576 / IEC type
  • Parallel geared motor
  • Interchangeability of agitator components


  • Parts in contact with the product is Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • Parts not in contact with product is Stainless Steel AIS 304L, Carbon steel or others

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Door Thickness (mm):

Lid Thickness (mm):

Frame Thickness:

Frame Height:

Maximum Working Pressure (Bar):

Weight (Kg):

No Of Clamps:

CODAP 2000:



Vacuum Pressure (bar):

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