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Bottom Entry Mixer

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  • DIN 2576 PN10 Anchor flange
  • Adjustable head and turbine design
  • High degree of hygiene
  • Interchangeable heads: slotted, sieved or perforated
  • Easy assembly / dismounting
  • Double mechanical seal

The bottom entry mixers which meet all requirements in product dispersing, mixing, homogenising, and crushing processes.

The EMF mixers are installed in the bottom of the vessel and carry out highly efficient dissolving of the heaviest particles of the product. When turning, the turbine generates the suction required to draw the fluid towards the centre of the headpiece, where centrifugal force directs it toward the outside of the rotor. Once the space between the turbine and the stator is reached, the product is subjected to high pressure which leads to crushing. It then passes through the high turning speed headpiece orifices, generating a very high shearing strain which leads to dispersion, emulsification and homogenisation of the mix, as this process is repeated continuously.

The high level of shearing combined with the different types of headpieces (perforated, slotted, or sieved), generates the ideal particle size for stable emulsions and homogeneous mixes. These units can be used in an agitator system fitted with an anchor impeller for high viscosity products, or can work alone if the product has low viscosity. All these features make these units essential in sectors as demanding as the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Door Thickness (mm):
Lid Thickness (mm):
Frame Thickness:
Frame Height:
Maximum Working Pressure (Bar):
Weight (Kg):
No Of Clamps:
CODAP 2000:
Vacuum Pressure (bar):

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