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Vertical Mixer

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  • Anchor flange DIN 2576
  • Adjustable head and propeller configuration
  • High degree of hygiene
  • Interchangeable heads

Vertical Mixers provide shear rates in emulsions and dispersions due to their head and turbine design. The vertical mixer produces a completely homogenised product, without lumps, in medium (5000 litres) and small volume applications. Furthermore, because of the careful treatment they provide, these mixers are very useful for keeping the compound properties of products which are already homogenised.

Moreover, with the EM design, the maintenance tasks are eased and the highest hygiene conditions ensured. The head configuration changes in accordance with the kind of product and its requirements, with sieved, slotted and perforated configurations available. These features mean EM Mixers can reduce particle size, destroy coagulations  and quickly dissolve solids in liquids. Some vertical mixer applications are:

  • Emulsion of products in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries (mayonnaise, creams, sauces, etc)
  • Dissolution of sugars, sales, resins, gases etc
  • Suspensions, dispersions and dilutions
  • Mixing of solids (powder or crystals) in liquids
  • Homogenisations

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